is one of a mass of primates...

"Nelle slept hard. The wind swept low, walloped the earth; it swatted at the fabric draped over the stiff curve of her spine and hissed through the skeletal branches of the half-dead piñon above her, and still she slept. Despite the cold, gritty sand that stuck to her skin, sure to provide her with a complimentary exfoliation whether she wanted one or not, she was gone. Out... A thrashing, burgeoning hunger sent up warning shots in her belly, but she slept on and on with arrant, possibly foolish, abandon. The desert moon, gleaming overhead like a giant polished spoon did not disturb her, could not stir her alphabet soup of zzzzzz’s. Nor did the pervasive scent of juniper that rode in on the careening currents of crisp air. The woman slept. She slept in spite of everything."



MOO! is an offbeat revisionist western about a relentless woman with a revolver in her bag, one sorry excuse for a horse, and the acceptance of risk in living.


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